Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Political suicide attempts

It seems that Canadian politics have always been ugly at times, but like them or hate them,
the Liberal party has long been populated with some highly intelligent and skilled politicians.
So what's going on right now?

It's election time again in Canada after the Conservatives, NDP and the Bloc ganged up on
the minority Liberal government in a non-confidence vote that unseated them and caused
this mid-winter election.

While the Liberals normally run a very smooth and seemingly unstoppable campaign most
of the time, giving them the nickname in some quarters of "the Teflon Party" from their
seeming ability to deflect any dirt anyone has on them, this time they just keep shooting
themselves in the foot.

The very latest campaign mistake has been to try to repeat the same tricks that won them
their minority government by trying to smear their major opponent using scare-tactics
in the form of very well-crafted, but very overdone attack ads. They are already much
farther back in the polls than any political pundit at the beginning of the campaign would
ever have predicted, they are completely rocked by one scandal after another, and now
they're trying to once again deflect attention from themselves rather than offering any
proof that they've regained control of party ethics or morals (which they probably have
done to a large extent - they had no choice).

Personally, I think it makes very little difference what kind of ads the Liberals run at this point. It is interesting that the Liberals have made so many mistakes already that the media didn't even bother with Mr. Martin's HUGE gaffe in the English language debate when he said, quote: "We gave $5 billion to aboriginals because that's the root cause of poverty in this country." enquote Click Here to see the transcript.

Who can take anything Mr. Martin and his party says seriously when he makes sweeping statements about Canadian citizens like that? I think the teflon has finally burnt right off
the Liberal frying pan!

Thanks for putting up with another rant!

God bless,