Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Continuing Saga of Stormscam

Well, it just gets more and more interesting - how the
heck can Mr. McConell think he and is buddy are going
to hide in this modern, high speed communications world?

In a statement published the Leaf Chronicle article titled,
Auditors dig into frozen StormPay accounts
FBI asks BBB for records from probe into online payment
HICKS The Leaf-Chronicle ,
Stormpay's John McConnell said, quote, "their records indicate
the last payments from 12DailyPro operator Charis Johnson to
members was Jan. 8. When complaints of nonpayment came to
StormPay later in January, company officials began to suspect
something was wrong after Johnson was unable to answer
questions about her business."

I have proof from a snapshot taken from my own account at
Stormpay that this is false. The last payment to me was made on
January 20, 2006. Shortly after that, Stormpay froze their account,
making it impossible for them to make further payments to
members through Stormpay.

I would encourage any members who have still got access to their
Stormpay accounts to log in, take a snapshot of your history, (do
this by clicking on File, Print Review and then print.) This will print
off the entire page. Make sure the latest payment from 12DailyPro is
showing as this prints only the visible window. By doing this you'll
have the proof in your hands that SP is not telling the truth. If you
want to contact the Leaf Chronicle to tell them about this, they have
a contact link on their website. I've already let them know - perhaps
several hundred of the same messages will make another
interesting headline story for them!

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