Monday, February 13, 2006

Ranting and Raving Again

OK - I've spent tons of time digging through the whole StormDaily 12ScamPro thing and it's still not figured out - so forgive me if I'm ranting and raving again.

Stormpay says everybody else is a crook and they're the good guys, then go on ranting for endless pages about how it's some nice lady in another town who's really behind it, forcing them to freeze all kinds of Stormpay member's accounts and give all their money back to 12Dailypro.

12Dailypro says they don't have the money and rant and rave about how Stormpay's doing all these chargebacks to 12Dailypro, except they're not getting the money.

The members are ranting and raving all over the net in chatroom, forums, communities, blogs and W.H.Y. about who done what to who when...
They didn't get their money either.

So the big mystery still is...

Who's REALLY got the money??

Show me the money!!

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