Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Stormpay Complaints

Are you getting tired of Stormpay's little autosurf business "sleight-of-hand?"

Let's see what these upstanding financial wizards of Never Never land have done in the last month.


First they told everybody they had to use them only as their payment processor or get their accounts frozen.

Then they told everybody it was for their own protection and they were doing it because they had such a great business relationship and didn't want to jeopardize it.

Next thing they did right after everyone complied is shut 'em all down and freeze their accounts because they just found out they were all crooks! (Read their site - they claim they're all ponzi schemes - Hey, just for fun do a Google search on Tymglobal and "free" laptops....)

OK, now they're doing unauthorized chargebacks from members accounts, bank accounts, etc. and everybody out here in the real world is going...

"Where's the money??"


So... What can you do?

How about...

StormPay.com Complaints - this is official!
The Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau are accepting complaints regarding accounts with StormPay.com.

To file a complaint with the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs, call 1-800-342-8385 or go to the department's Web site.

Have an official complaint form sent to you by calling 1-800-342-8385 or by writing to The Division of Consumer Affairs, 500 James Robertson Pkwy., Nashville, TN 37243-0600.

StormPay complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau must be in writing and include the following:

Your name, address, and phone number.
Stormpay's name, address, and phone number.
The problem you are having and the resolution you are seeking.
Any paperwork or additional information you have to go along with the complaint.
Complaints may be filed at the website

Here are some excerps with links from the Leaf Chronicle of Clarksville, TN, Stormpay's home town.

Auditors dig into frozen
StormPay accounts
Auditors were busy at StormPay.com Friday as investigators try to get to the bottom of a dispute between the Clarksville online pay processor
and a client who operates an "autosurf" Web site.

State agency investigating
StormPay complaints
The Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs said Wednesday it is investigating complaints involving StormPay.com, an Internet-based company in Clarksville embroiled in controversy over frozen customer accounts.

StormPay trying to resolve
Clarksville-based StormPay.com issued a statement Tuesday night
indicating it and another Internet company are working to resolve business disputes.

StormPay has history with
BBB, Tennessee
While the owners of StormPay.com are negotiating a settlement, recent complaints against the Internet-based company on Golf Club Lane are not
the first to surface.

Update on communications
With StormPay
Attorneys for LifeClicks, LLC (the owner of 12DailyPro.com) and
StormPay, Inc. Have been communicating to attempt to resolve business disputes between LifeClicks and StormPay. Those discussions have been productive and useful, and are continuing.

BBB issues alert on StormPay The Better Business Bureau of Middle Tennessee today issued an alert
regarding StormPay.com, an online payment processing business, in response to over 180 complaints filed since the end of January.

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