Friday, February 17, 2006

What's all this Nonsense about Global Warming?

What's all this Nonsense about Global Warming?

OK - here it is, February - almost March and we're freezing our buns off! 

 I keep hearing all this stuff about Global Warming, and yet my roses are freezing to death here on the south coast of BC, and they're setting record low temperatures on the prairies! Record LOW temperatures! And not by just a little bit, either. They didn't just break the records - they destroyed them! 

Frozen roses

 Personally, I don't accept everything I see on the news or hear from politicians and government-funded research. Why, the best way to keep getting funded is to create a crisis! 

 Do a little research, yourself. Go to Google and type in, mini ice age. What you'll see is that we've had around 600 years of lower than normal temperatures and if we ever get back up to normal, they'll be able to grow grapes in northern England again, and native grain again in Scotland, plus they might actually be able to use the Northwest Passage for more than a few days a year.  

OK - the ocean levels might rise a bit. Bummer. But think of all the land that is presently unuseable! A few degrees higher temperatures would allow a LOT more food to be grown, and make a LOT more land liveable than at present. 

 So when I'm shivering here in the "temperate zone," don't try to scare me with the "threat" of Global Warming. I'm all for it! And I'm far enough away from the water to appreciate the view without getting my feet wet!


  1. Hey Buddy! I didn't know you had your own Blog, cool. I hope everything is well with you. Take care!

    John Sanchez
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  2. Hello again,

    I just read your post on the mini ice age and it's interesting. As a matter of fact, I just saw a documentary on the last mini ice age and did you know that the last one was blamed for the dark ages and famine in certain parts of the world. Hmmm. lol

    I don't know if we should be welcoming another mini ice age. Just my two cents Buddy. Anyhow, it's and interesting topic to discuss. Take care my friend!

    John Sanchez
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