Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Da Vinci Code: Pulp Fiction

The Da Vinci Code:  Pulp Fiction

Wow! What a furor The Da Vinci Code is making! You'd think it was a history book that had been made into a documentary the way so many people are carrying on about it! 

 It's a STORY people! It's a work of pure fiction from a man with a very active imagination who's getting richer every day, thanks to its huge popularity. As a student of history with a passion for digging, myself, I find it absolutely incredible that people are even suggesting that it is an 'historical' novel based on 'documented' facts. 

 The fact is, there is precious little factual information in the book at all, and some of the most "astonishing revelations" are either taken from the work of convicted con artists or allegedly stolen from another work of fiction from the 1980s. 

 Note that the author, Brown, himself says on page 8: "In this work of fiction, the characters, places and events are either the product of the author’s imagination or they are used entirely fictitiously." 

 It is positively astonishing that the news media is wasting so much air time raving about all the 'amazing revelations' in the book, and how it will 'completely change' the way many people think. Have people lost their ability to think for themselves? It's no wonder con artists and their ilk do so well these days - more and more people seem to be ready to believe anything! 

 Question everything! Dig and do due diligence! The real truth will stand up to intense scrutiny, but fiction soon reveals itself for what it really is... simply fiction. What you believe is ultimately your choice, but wouldn't you rather it was the truth? 

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