Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why should you pay someone else to sell their products?

Why in the world would you pay someone else to sell their products? Duhhhhh!!

Have you ever asked that question, yourself? I mean, why should you have to pay for the privilege of making money for someone else? It doesn't make sense to me, and yet, every day, people like you and me are actually paying money to someone in order to sell their products.

Have you ever seen an mlm company that you can join for free and make money with them without ever paying any fees or buying anything from them? I sure haven't!

However, I have found a company that will never charge you a dime to become an agent with, and will pay you override commissions 4 levels deep!

This means that if only you simply referred 7 new agents (how hard is that? They get in free, too!), and they each referred only 5 agents, with only 5 customers each, you could be earning more than $2,500 per month just in residuals!

This isn't hard to market, either. With a few simple online classified ads, I signed up 10 new accounts last month, and all I did to do that is ran 2 simple classifieds! These are accounts that will continue to pay me residuals for as long as they use the service, and the service is something almost everyone, everywhere uses every day!

Don't let anyone tell you that the market is flooded or the competition to fierce. If you want to pay out $49 or more to join and another $49 or more in monthly autoships for some nutritional product - then you'll know what real competition and overloaded market is all about! And if you think you'll keep your customers month after month in that market - I have some great swamp land for sale, cheap....

But seriously, the communications market just keeps growing and growing, with local and long distance phone, wireless, broadband, cellular, ISP and more - people will continue to use their communications service long after they give up everything except food! Add to that a mall that offers thousands of name brand products and you have an absolutely incredibly huge market, with no sign of it ever letting up.

See what gets you excited. Don't do the duhhh thing by paying out a whack of cash to sell someone else's stuff. Visit right now and find out just how big and amazing a business you can get into 100% free. I'll be here waiting to help you.

God bless,

Dave Cottrell
1128 Chaster
Gibsons BC
V0N 1V4

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