Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Community Stinkers

Grrrrrrrrr....! Piggybackers!!

The time has come when I need to make it clear to all my friends, fellow bloggers and community members, that if you don't see my name attached to a thread or a blog I've created, it's definitely not endorsed by me!

Lately I've been getting a ton of people "piggybacking" on my forums and blogs. When that happens, I simply delete it and let the person who stuck it there know it does NOT belong there! If you see a new one there, just ignore it. I've been about as polite as I can get, but it's still happening. My personal reputation is on the line on my blogs and forums, and particularly in the ones where I endorse carefully researched products and programs.

So far, none of the people who have blatantly disregarded proper decorum, respect and just plain decent ethics when posting on my sites have been on my list of friends in the first place. They seem to just prowl communities, blogs and bulletin boards looking for a reasonably popular place to flog their junk, rather than introducing themselves first and asking me to actually take a look at their wares.

On some of my other forums, I've actually made it clear that posting a new thread is just dandy and welcome if it fits the context.

Most of my writing is based on my own studies, digging and personal experience, and they are NOT open to anyone (without my express permission.)

I don't think it could be much plainer or simpler than that!

OK - there's my rant for today. It's probably happening to you, too, but hopefully we can find a way to get this practice of "piggybacking" stopped.

God bless,


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