Monday, May 21, 2007

Horse Pucky!

Greetings, dear friends,

Perhaps those who grew up in warmer climes or wealthier
families than I did will not understand the term, "Horse

It is a somewhat more polite term than the one often used
to describe some of the absolutely worthless and crooked
money-snatching programs I've been deleting today as I
clean out one of my inboxes.

Look at this one advertising a new course put together
by someone I KNOW needs to take a course, himself:

"It's a complete A-Z training program to
guide you step-by-step to internet success." Yeah, right!
Horse Pucky!! And to top it all off, look at the P.S.
he has tagged on at the end (errors included):
"P.S: Make no mistake -- This is a blueprint
to internet success. Many people have tried
this system and is making money part-time
or full-time." Like I said, I'm not blowing steam,
here; I KNOW this guy - don't throw your money away.
(This guy is actually a friend - imagine what I
might say if he was an enemy! LOL!!)

How about this one: "I Just Couldn't Recommend It to You"
(Why? Because it was priced at $1500 and I felt really
stupid that I actually paid that much for something that
really didn't work properly, anyway, and I didn't want
to admit that I bought this Horse Pucky for such a
ridiculous price.... But NOW that the market has been
flooded by suckers - errr - clients who paid way to
much for an inferior product - I now want to recommend
that you waste only $97 on it...)

Guess what? For virtually ANY marketing software or ebook,
program, etc, all you need to do to realize just how
useless it is AND to get it free is to wait. You usually
won't have to wait very long before it's being given away
for nothing more expensive than your email address on a
capture page.

Here's a real beaut:
"I Need 200 Success Stories"
My goal is to take 200 average people
and show them how to make $1,057.50
every week within their first 30 days."
Follow the links, and you find out that it's SO
valuable that it's now being given away on an email
capture page... Man, if it was REAL it would really
be worth a fortune.

Do people really believe some of this stuff? No wonder
so many online entrepeneurs have no money and huge credit
card bills. Another email promises:
"Ryan & Andrew can show you how to do nothing and generate
over $10,000 a month." I don't need to make any further
comments on that piece of Horse Pucky!

Shawn Casey (Oops - did I actually just tell you the
name of one of these so-called "gurus? ") makes this
claim: "If You Can Click Your Mouse, Then I Guarantee
You'll Make At Least $1,000 In As Little As 48 Hours
Starting From Scratch." If you part with the $39
for this 825 page ebook, I can at least guarantee one
thing - you'll be poorer by $39!

Note also that when you actually read through the long,
LOOOOONG sales page, you'll find that he actually hides
a little disclaimer in amongst all the hype that tells
you that not everyone will actually make the kind of
money he's talking about.... Wow! Big surprise!

In fact, most people will fall asleep long before they
even get through the first hundred pages...

More Horse Pucky - pure scam - "Turn $30 into $279,300
IT IS POSSIBLE! Anyone can do it!"

Next, here's one from a guy who just feels SO bad that
so many people are getting scammed and losing money
that he's taken it upon himself to let you in on all
the secrets that all the other money-grubbing gurus
are keeping to themselves: "Make up to $250 in 60 Minutes,
over and over again, sitting at home in your pajamas!"
For just under 50 bucks, you can make him
feel all warm and fuzzy for letting you in on
this "secret." Horse Pucky! Beware of ANY so-called
money making program that tells you that you don't have
to sell anything! If you're not offering a product or
service in return for hard cash, you're not in business
and you're NOT making money!

I could go on and on and on and on... about so-called
"bootleg videos" of internet "gurus" spilling their guts,
guaranteed free targeted traffic, unlimited wealth
"secrets," How to get Your keywords listed in the top 10
on Google (yeah, if you choose the right words and they
are almost meaningless as a search term), and so on.

The facts are that in order to make money online, just
as in the offline world, it requires a product or service
(there's nothing wrong with an affiliate program), and lots
of learning, research, hard work, persistence, advertising
and more hard work. Any program that promises instant
riches with no work is just... Horse Pucky.

Horse Pucky - noun - frozen, hockey puck-shaped object
left behind by a large solid-hoofed herbivorous mammal
of the genus Equus (a horse).

God bless,


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