Thursday, May 03, 2007

Junk Salesmen

Oh... Man...

How long are people going to continue to send me email with "Buy My Junk!" in the subject line?

Of course, that's not literally what their subject line says, but it might as well be.

My first thought, if I even think about it at all before I delete all the junk that floods my accounts every day is, "Who Are You?"

My second thought is, "Why SHOULD I buy your junk? I know absolutely nothing about you... Except for the fact that you're obviously very rude."

Who, but a person who is very rude, (or an utter idiot) would walk up to a complete stranger on the street and say, "Psssst... Wanna buy a house? or a car? or a nice dinner at a restaurant?"

What would you think if someone you had never seen before walked up to you and asked, "How would you like to make an easy million dollars?" Call the cops... quick!!

I have a few words for all the strangers who send me "Buy my Junk" spam every day... you're NEVER going to sell me anything! Ever! I have absolutely no respect for you and think you have no respect for yourself, either. You're desperate to make a sale, and I'm really uncomfortable around desperate people (get me a flack jacket - quick!)

Selling anything, whether online or off, requires selling yourself, first. Most products or services can be bought from hundreds or thousands of different places or people, and the thought is always going to go through a prospective buyer's head, consciously or unconsciously, "Why should I buy from you?"

No one is comfortable buying from a complete stranger. The buyer wants to trust the person he or she is buying from, and that's completely impossible if the buyer knows nothing about the seller!

These Junk Salesmen need to learn this stuff. Perhaps if they read my blog or other articles I've written they'd at LEAST get my name right (it's NOT FIRSTNAME!) Perhaps then they'd address me as Dave, rather than Friend (I'm not their friend!!) Some people who don't know me actually address me as Dearly Beloved!! What rock did they crawl out from under??

Send me a note if you want to, and make sure to call me Dave! I'd enjoy getting to know you.

God bless,


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