Monday, October 26, 2009

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It is a very beautiful day, here, on southern BC's stunning Sunshine Coast. After several days of heavy rain, the sun is shining and the skies are a brilliant blue. I hope it's nice where you are!

If you have been following some of the news, you would by now have heard of the beautiful Viking ship, HelloHello. This well built and graceful virtual ship, AKA brand new social network built by our very own Danish Vikings, Eric, Johnni and Lars, is now sailing gracefully on the Cyberian Sea.

HelloHello is the most ambitious and innovative social site ever developed, with every imaginable tool for everything from socializing with your friends to holding video conferences with your business prospects. With Web 2.0 and 3.0 technology, you can keep in contact with all your friends in vivid colour AND video, even when you're sitting on the top of your favorite ski hill or sipping a cool drink on an exotic beach.

Do Myspace and Facebook pay you? No? HelloHello pays 60% of all its revenue to you and all the members of HelloHello.

Like to earn a stunning income even in these economic times? Like to write your own paycheck? With HelloHello you can! HelloHello members, working with the owners of the company, have developed a compensation plan for members that is a first in the industry. Yes you can earn a full time, six figure income in this exciting and exploding industry, simply by doing what you now do, but don't get paid for!

As a free member of HelloHello, you can enjoy all the many benefits of a great social site, while enjoying the world's best privacy rules and cutting edge 3.0 technology, and while accumulating points for everything you do that can be redeemed for everything from cash to cool merchandise and more.

As an Ambassador or Premium member, you can enjoy everything the free members enjoy and much more, plus, the sky's the limit on what you can earn!

Dave, today is a great day to connect and hitch a ride on this beautiful new Viking ship, HelloHello. Drop by my site, sign my guestbook, and get your own place. Once inside, send me a friends request and we can keep in contact.

I look forward to chatting. See you inside!

God bless,

Dave Cottrell HelloHello ID=login

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