Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ramblings and Rantings - Part II

Ramblings and Rantings - Part II

Well, folks, it's 2011 and things haven't improved in the six plus years since I first wrote about useless email. Therefore, here is a second look at one of the reasons I have so little hair left (ok... it's a guy thing... but still, it seems to have disappeared in direct proportion to the amount of junk I have to wade through, every day!)

My email inbox is still overflowing - how come the good guys get sp@m warnings for one email and these guys dump on me over and over again and nobody's even slowing them down? I now have software on my main account that gets rid of a lot of junk, very effectively (Thank you, Netaddress... plug, plug, plug), but the junk in my inbox STILL wastes a lot of time, every day, and if I miss a day... ugh.
I think the programmers who are trying to control this pile of cyber litter should change their tactics. Why not let all email through with real return addresses and real people checking their email.

Hey - how hard can it be? At LEAST 80% of the junk would disappear instantly if all the ISPs just used a filter that autodumped email with phoney reply-to and from addresses! They're pinging all the time - how hard to ping back on every email and trash the ones that bounce?
Am I missing something here?? Is there one good programmer out there?

And to make it even better, create a little algorithm that checks for contact information in every email coming through - if there's no contact info in the email - TRASH IT!! It's doable, people!

How hard it that? Now we've dumped 75-90% of sp@m without breaking into a sweat.
But no - the dumb boneheads take the lazy approach and string up the people who DO use real addresses and real contact info, because they're easy to find.

And what do we get instead? A WHOLE LOT MORE anonymous garbage in our inbox!
Go figure!!

Now, take a deep breath, and let it out slowly. Feel better? Have a marvelous day!

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