Thursday, April 05, 2012

What are they Hiding? The Lyme Disease Debacle

What are they Hiding?  The Lyme Disease Debacle

It is now April, 2012.  I originally got sick in late 2007.  It is interesting that it was in 2007 that Open Eye Pictures,  the company that made the award winning documentary, Under Our Skin , a film about Lyme Disease in the USA.

As production of the documentary neared completion, the film company tried to get some answers about the disease from the Connecticut Center for Disease Control, under the Freedom of Information Act.  Under the FIA, the CDC was required by law to release the information, but they continue to this day to use every legal means possible to suppress the information.

WHY?  What is so important to be kept secret that the CDC is willing to wasted thousands and thousands of dollars of taxpayer money in legal wranglings to suppress?
Lyme Disease Testing
The last information that I have is that there are three individuals working for the CT CDC who have the information the film company has been trying to get since 2007.  It is now in the fifth year since the request was originally made.

WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?  I am not a conspiracy theorist, but this time I smell a REAL conspiracy that is forcing a lot of people to remain very sick.  Doctors are losing their licenses for giving people the long term antibiotic treatment required to cure this disease, yet the people who may have the information that could finally take the lid off this horrible disease so that people can quickly and easily get help are sitting on it.

HOW CAN THIS BE SOLVED?  Get this information out there.  Tell your friends.  Talk about it in coffee shops.  Tell your doctor.  Write letters to the newspaper, state and provincial legislators, congressmen, MPs, senators, anyone you can think of.  Post is on Facebook.

I am finally getting the treatment I need from a very well educated LLND or Lyme Literate Naturopathic Doctor, who in Canada, can now treat with antibiotics.

But most people with this disease cannot get help.  Even if you don't have LD, yourself, you can potentially help a lot of people by just spreading the word.  



by Dave Cottrell
It is VERY important to be diagnosed quickly if you are bitten by a Bb (Burrelia Burdorferi=Lyme) infected tick.  If you go on the proper antibiotics within the first couple of months, they will get rid of any Bb or co-infections, but once they get a foothold, they are very difficult to get rid of.  

Unfortunately, very few doctors are what we call "Lyme Literate Doctors" or LLMDs.  They are NOT educated to recognize the early symptoms, and many of them will not even recognize the tell tale "bull's eye" or  Erythema chronicum migrans  (EM) rash that a small percentage of infected people get in the earliest stages of the infection.  (This rash GUARANTEES without ANY further testing that the cause is Bb, and can be immediately and quickly treated with antibiotics and eradicated usually withing three to six weeks.)

Other doctors that have a bit of knowledge of the disease are taught that unless the rash is present, the person does not have LD (Lyme Disease).  This is what is presently claimed on the Wikipedia website, is absolutely false, and it is my opinion that the truth is being deliberately suppressed and withheld from doctors.  The more this disease is studied by sound research, the lower the percentage goes for those LD infected patients who display the EM rash.

In Canada, it is more likely to pick up Lyme Disease in southern Ontario and east than it is to get it here in Gibsons, BC, but it is possible to get it virtually anywhere in Canada that birds fly or pets move on vacation.  The BCCDC has posted warnings here since 2006, but the greatest occurrence of Lyme in Canada is in Ontario and east.  Something like 50% of the ticks collected in New York state up at the Canada-US border are infected, meaning they must be virtually the same in Canada in that area.

Bb (Burrelia Burgdorfori or Lyme) is a very unique and intriguing spirochete.  It has no ordinary protein cell walls, but has a perimeter of fatty acids, then cilia that help it move, then another layer of fatty acids.  It is not understood how the cilia can propel it inside these layers.

It also is a spirochete, or spiral shaped, which, along with its unusual fatty acid, rather than protein "casing" gives it the ability to move through the walls of blood vessels into surrounding tissue, organs, and even into the spinal column and eventually the brain.

Once in the tissue and organs, many of the spirochetes become indefinitely dormant, forming cysts.  This continues as long as the blood is loaded with active Bb.  

Once antibiotic therapy is begun, the active Bb in the blood stream are killed off.  If they are completely killed off, you begin to feel well, again.  The first thing you notice is a return of some of your energy.

Then, however, once the therapy terminates, some of the cysts reactivate, reenter the blood stream, and the process begins again.  This is one of the reasons it takes so long to cure someone who has been sick for a while.  All the cysts must be eradicated to have a full cure.

Another recent discovery (within the last five years) is something called a "biofilm."  This is an incredibly intriguing shield that the bacteria form right in the blood vessels when attacked by antibodies or antibiotics.  The Bb bacteria form colonies on the sides of the blood vessels, and produce a film over these colonies that shields them from antibodies and antibiotics.  

Certain antibiotics can penetrate the biofilm, but they are destroyed in the process.  This is why it is usually necessary to treat Lyme disease with multiple antibiotics if it is not caught in the first month or so.

I am also on several non antibiotic extracts that have been shown to attack both the cyst coatings and this biofilm.  These products are easier on the body than antibiotics, but I am still presently on three antibiotics in very high doses.  It is imperative to go for regular liver tests when on antibiotic therapy like this, and also to take a very strong probiotic (not "over-the-counter."  I buy a very specific brand online.)

I have done a LOT of research on this disease in the last 4 + years, so if you or anyone you know is suffering from this disease, or even a mysterious, multi-symptom chronic condition, contact me.  It's very likely that I have the information you need to at least get started in the right direction.  Also, pass this on to your own health care provider.  Doctors want to see people get well, but they are generally very under-educated on this disease.