Thursday, April 05, 2012

What are they Hiding? The Lyme Disease Debacle

What are they Hiding?  The Lyme Disease Debacle

It is now April, 2012.  I originally got sick in late 2007.  It is interesting that it was in 2007 that Open Eye Pictures,  the company that made the award winning documentary, Under Our Skin , a film about Lyme Disease in the USA.

As production of the documentary neared completion, the film company tried to get some answers about the disease from the Connecticut Center for Disease Control, under the Freedom of Information Act.  Under the FIA, the CDC was required by law to release the information, but they continue to this day to use every legal means possible to suppress the information.

WHY?  What is so important to be kept secret that the CDC is willing to wasted thousands and thousands of dollars of taxpayer money in legal wranglings to suppress?
Lyme Disease Testing
The last information that I have is that there are three individuals working for the CT CDC who have the information the film company has been trying to get since 2007.  It is now in the fifth year since the request was originally made.

WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?  I am not a conspiracy theorist, but this time I smell a REAL conspiracy that is forcing a lot of people to remain very sick.  Doctors are losing their licenses for giving people the long term antibiotic treatment required to cure this disease, yet the people who may have the information that could finally take the lid off this horrible disease so that people can quickly and easily get help are sitting on it.

HOW CAN THIS BE SOLVED?  Get this information out there.  Tell your friends.  Talk about it in coffee shops.  Tell your doctor.  Write letters to the newspaper, state and provincial legislators, congressmen, MPs, senators, anyone you can think of.  Post is on Facebook.

I am finally getting the treatment I need from a very well educated LLND or Lyme Literate Naturopathic Doctor, who in Canada, can now treat with antibiotics.

But most people with this disease cannot get help.  Even if you don't have LD, yourself, you can potentially help a lot of people by just spreading the word.  

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