Monday, October 08, 2012

WWIII on the NEAR Horizon?

WWIII on the NEAR Horizon?

by Dave Cottrell

For a long time now, I've been warning folks to stand firm against the west getting involved in Syria. It is MUCH more dangerous than what is going on between Iran and Israel, although there is much danger there, as well.

However, the Iran-Israel battle MAY WELL play out IN Syria, to begin with. Already, Iran is heavily involved there, as are the Russians.

What is not so well known is that there are reports coming out through the intelligence underground of high tech weapons from Ghaddafi's former regime being smuggled out of Libya and into the hands of the "Free Syrian Army," via help from the West, and specifically from the USA.

Both China and Russia have warned the West (for all intents and purposes, the USA) to stay out of Syria, and in fact, Vladimir Putin warned that "an attack on Damascus is an attack on Moscow."

Any open help from the West against the Assad regime is almost certainly a declaration of war on Russia, and perhaps on China, as well, not to mention smaller players like Iran.

The ENTIRE "Arab Spring" has been a TERRIBLE setback for freedom in the countries where it has occurred, and it is no different in Syria, although the stakes for the world are much higher. IF (a very big IF) Assad was to be defeated by the "rebels" inside Syria, it would mean the complete end of religious freedom and any kind of equality for women. Just as in the other countries where it has already happened, they would be run by Muslim extremists, with absolutely NO real democracy and NO religious freedom of any kind.

However, the present situation looks very much like the powder has already been placed, the fuse is ready, and the match is being lit. We could right now be looking at the beginning of the end for the power of the West, opening the door for the final chapters of history, which do not mention western power at all.

Pray for your country, and pray for great opportunities to share the gospel in the days ahead as people cry out for answers.

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