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When is Lying Justified? How Scientists Pragmatically Flunk Ethics 101

When is Lying Justified?  How Scientists Pragmatically Flunk Ethics 101

So when exactly IS lying justified. How have scientists pragmatically flunked Ethics 101 - or have they?  Perhaps the question should be, "Can pragmatism ever ethically justify lying?"  Does the ends justify the means, even if the means, itself, is illegal, unethical or dishonest?

Some scientists believe so.

climate change

It was back in 1989 that founder of Climatic Change journal and one of the founding members if the IPPC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change told Discover magazine that such pragmatism was necessary  to reduce the risk of potentially disastrous climate change.

He said, "we have to get some broad-based support, to capture the public’s imagination. That, of course, entails getting loads of media coverage. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have. This “double ethical bind” which we frequently find ourselves in cannot be solved by any formula. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest. I hope that means being both."  

In other words, "because the majority is too stupid to be able to use reason and logic when we tell them the truth, we have to exaggerate and lie to them in order to protect them from themselves."  This has been a major problem with a large swath of the population in relation to air pollution, but those who take this course don't seem to be learning from its failure.

Pragmatism and Pandemics

This kind of dishonest pragmatism is becoming has now become a major problem in this present pandemic we find ourselves in.

Using the same kind of pragmatism, spokespeople for the scientific world, medicine and politicians have continually changed their story, to the point where many are now refusing to believe anything they are being told.

We were told about a novel virus discovered in China.  Some of us, myself included, took interest and discovered it looked like it could be pretty scary.  Back then, we told people that they should stock up (not hoard) on N95 masks and supplies, just to be prepared.

But the WHO and our scientists told us the virus did not transmit from human to human and there was nothing to worry about.

Then word came out that it DOES transmit human to human and we said, again, that everyone should make sure they have a reasonable supply of masks ahead of any possible spread.  

But again, we were told that it wasn't very contagious and was contained in China.

Facts vs Script

Then cases began to show up around the world and numbers began to increase more rapidly.  A cruise ship was reported to have been put in quarantine as the virus spread on board.  We reminded people to be prepared for emergency, including having a reasonable supply of masks.

Hazmat suit

But then our top scientists told us that masks would not help and that the only way to prevent the spread was to "social distance" and wash our hands.  Travel was severely restricted.  

We asked how it made any sense to say that masks would not help.  If they would not, why were the people on the front lines wearing full hazmat suits?  Some of us began to suspect that something was up.

That's when reports began to come out of China having bought up container loads of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) well in advance of the world finding out about the seriousness of this novel virus.  

Our suspicions began to be confirmed.  Our western governments had failed to ensure an adequate supply of PPE in case of an emergency, and there simply wasn't a large enough supply for front line workers AND the rest of us.  So they lied to us, telling us that masks don't do any good.

Those of us who take an interest in what's going on in other places in the world were just stunned.  We could see that in countries where mask wearing is common, even though the population density is much higher, the rate of infection was much, much lower than in the West.

Reason and Logic

It only makes sense.  If you wear a mask, you can't cough or spit on me when you talk; if I wear a mask, I can't cough or spit on your when I talk.  It doesn't even take N95 masks (the kind that most viruses can't pass through) for masks to be very effective in stopping the spread.

But we were told continuously by the "top scientists," including those in the WHO, that mask wearing did not help.  But for some reason, mask production was ramped WAY up.

And of course, now we are being told to wear masks everywhere!  There are places you simply can't go without wearing a mask.  And in some jurisdictions, mask wearing is now mandated by law.

The Fallout

But now there is a real problem.  A lot of people are refusing to wear a mask or follow any of the protocols being put in place.  They refuse to believe anything they are being told by the mainstream scientific community.  As a result, there is a real risk of this getting out of control.

Wear Mask

All this could have been avoided if the scientists had told us the truth from the beginning.  We aren't all children.  We should not be treated as such.  We should be treated as adults (those of us who are) and be told the truth so we can make informed decisions based on facts.

Lying to us to "protect us" has away of being discovered. It then kills any confidence many have in those who are supposed to be a source of fact.

It's easier to remember and tell the truth and take your lumps, than it is to tell a lie that needs to be remembered and constantly shored up with other lies.

Bottom Line

People should be wearing a mask when around groups of other people, apart from those who are part of their existing "bubble."  

It's not to so much to protect themselves from others, but to protect others.  People say they don't need to wear a mask to protect others because they are not sick, but facts prove this is not always the case.  Many walk around with the virus not even knowing they have it, all the while spreading it.

If it starts spreading too fast in a vulnerable community, it could easily overwhelm the medical system.  We already know that.  Recent history around the world confirms that.

So, in spite of all the confusing signals coming from the "experts," who seem to be having a real struggle with "just the truth," just wear a mask.  Okay?  For the sake of those around you.

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Will you Follow me on Bloglovin?

Will you Follow me on Bloglovin'?  Have you tried it?

I'm always looking for more ways to gain exposure and get organic traffic, that is, people who actually want to come see my site because - well - they think it might be of interest to them!  So I look at places that offer a little more publicity for bloggers like myself.

Enter Bloglovin', as they call themselves.  Have you tried it?

So far, I have netted exactly 1 real follower.  The rest are all porn merchants...

How does it work?

In order for the system to work, you have to put a link back to the site on your site.  It needs to be in a post, like the one below.

I found it to be a pain in the neck when I first tried to set it up, but that was just me, not following instructions.  Once it was picked up by their servers, it opened to a really nice-looking page, as you can see.  It really displays all my posts very nicely.

The only problem is, I don't get a lot of good follows.  But that might have more to do with the amount of traffic I get at this blog.  

But is it safe?

I've been on it with a number of sites for quite a few years and have never had a problem, other than with the quality of the people who have followed my blog.  I get a notice in my inbox every time someone follows, and I can easily check them out.

But I have had no problems with security of any kind and have actually found some really interesting and quality blogs by spending a bit of time on the site.  There are a lot of good blogs linked on there.

So, if you like what you see here on this blog, please consider following me here and also on Bloglovin'.  I can use the exposure, and perhaps you will find it handy, too.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin' and try it yourself, if you're a blogger, too.

Please share your comments or insights below.

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Freedom of Speech Coming to an End in your Once Free Country

Freedom of Speech Coming to an End in your Once Free Country 

Freedom of speech is dying in the USA and other once free countries around the world and few are noticing.  As populations have moved from TV, phone calls and letters to texting and social media for virtually all their information and communication, the most popular two, Twitter and Facebook, have taken it upon themselves to become the "thought police."
Freedom Free Speech

On August 10, 2020, NBC News reported that Facebook has found more than 3 million members of the QAnon community on its platform.  The report went on to say that Facebook has accepted more than 185 ads in the last 30 days that support QAnon, earning them $12,000.

On August 19, 2020, Facebook announced that they have removed more than 790 groups, 100 pages and 1500 accounts that are connected to QAnon.  They have also restricted more than 10,000 Instagram accounts.

Never mind whether or not anything put out by QAnon is factual.  The last time I checked the US constitution (and most other free, democratically operated countries are very similar in their laws), lying, while distasteful, is still free speech.

But the big social media seem to have decided that anything that they disagree with or that their big corporate advertisers disagree with cannot be allowed.  All that has to happen, as happened just a couple weeks ago, is for these big advertisers to boycott Twitter or Facebook and BOOM!  The hammer of censorship is dropped on free speech.

Facebook, you're NOT my mom!

Do I agree with everything on Facebook or Twitter?  Of course not!  Do I follow QAnon or any other of these reported conspiracy theories?  Yes, if I can.  Do I join in with them or believe them?  Probably not, but that doesn't matter if I can't even follow them to see what they're doing!

I don't need or want Twitter or Facebook to "parent" me.  I am not a child who needs to be protected by billionaires whose morality is governed only by their bottom line.

The End of Free Speech

Free speech is dying, unless those who want to keep their freedom exercise it by moving to other social media platforms who still value free speech.  Freedom is not free and if you don't take even the slightest action by moving on to other platforms, you might just find yourself in the "United Soviet States of America."

If you want that, fine.  But not me.  I have heard and read much in my lifetime that I've found distasteful.  Many people lie.  Many have ideas that I don't agree with or even that are extreme and even inflammatory.  But if we start censoring them all, where do we stop?  Who do we trust to do it?  

Twitter and Facebook are already giving us a taste of what it's like to live in a once free world where you no longer get to know the views of everyone around you.  What is the whole story?  How can you know if it's no longer available?

Warts and all, I Love the USA

I don't personally live in the United States, but I still love the United States. The US has long stood in the name of freedom, a wall against those tyrannical and expansionist regimes who would take our freedoms away in many other countries, like Canada, for example. 

That's why the US is in such turmoil in some of its biggest cities, today.  The US has long stood in the way of such aggression.  

But today, people are listening to those who do not believe in freedom telling them they will live in a better, safer world if they just restrict the freedom of those who don't think the same way as they do.

History is Repeating Itself

That has happened before.  I well remember the university riots in Cambodia, the graphic images in Paris Match of students hanging one of their own from a tree with telephone wire, and worse.  

Then came the rule of Pol Pot, welcomed by so many in that country with open arms.  Freedom of speech died completely.  Anyone with any kind of advanced education were rounded up and exterminated.  Many of the very people who so openly supported Pol Pot's despotic Communist regime were victims.

The very same thing is now playing out in the United States.  The mainstream media has become a vast propaganda machine for the far left, and social media is colluding by shutting off those to speak the truth.

Freedom Free Speech Ending Soon

Free speech is coming to an end.  Twitter and Facebook have become so emboldened by their success in suppressing the thoughts and opinions of those they (or their corporate advertisers) do not like that they have even censored the US President!

Do YOU Value Freedom of Speech?

If you value free speech, if you value living in a free country, the time to act is now.  There are other social media groups like Parler, who strongly support free speech.  Are there offensive posts on them?  But of course!  That is the relatively small price we have to pay for freedom.  And as I have said, many times, to those who have asked me not to post certain things, if you don't like it, just click away!

Freedom of speech is coming to an end in your once free country, unless you speak up!

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Conspiracy Theories - Whatever Happened to Thinking for Yourself?

 Conspiracy Theories:  Whatever Happened to Thinking for Yourself? 

Conspiracy theories abound.  Why?  Whatever happened to thinking for yourself?  Have people forgotten how?  Sometimes it seems like it!

If we were to give the times we live in a name, like, "The Dark Ages, or, "The Enlightenment," or, "The Industrial Age," what would we call the times we now live in?

Perhaps they should be called, "The Age of the Conspiracy Theory."
conspiracy theories

A conspiracy theory, according to the definition on Wikipedia, "is an explanation for an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by sinister and powerful groups, often political in motivation, when other explanations are more probable.  The term has pejorative connotation, implying the appeal to a conspiracy is based on prejudice or insufficient evidence."

I must concur.  There, in the last part of the definition is the major characteristic of conspiracy theories:  The appeal to a conspiracy is based on prejudice or insufficient evidence.  And that, in itself, offers the antidote.

Again I will ask, "Whatever happened to thinking for yourself?" The number one reason for prejudice or insufficient evidence is:  ignorance.  

I'm really sorry if that offends anyone.  Well, actually, I'm not being truthful.  I'm not in the least bit sorry, because there is no excuse for such ignorance in today's world.

The number one reason that a conspiracy theory gains traction is the unwillingness of people to think for themselves.  They would rather be spoon fed their "facts" by someone claiming to be way better informed than they are, trusting that their research is excellent and therefore everything they say is the "gospel truth."

This is how the people who start such false narratives gain such a wide following.  They feed off the first one, prejudice, and create an antidote for the second, insufficient evidence, by simply making up evidence of their own.  Often, they have either real credentials they are willing to discredit for fame and/or gain, or they have cleverly made up credentials, much like their stories.  

Provided people are not thinking for themselves, it is the perfect recipe for starting a viral trend and gaining a large, in fact, a very large audience.  As long as people don't do any thinking for themselves, which requires digging for verifiable, unimpeachable evidence, the conspiracy theory just keeps on spreading.  Some of them are wildly successful, probably far beyond the wildest dreams of those who started them.

Remember, letters behind someone's name do not make them trustworthy!  People will go a long way to gain money and fame.

Conspiracy Theory Examples

Examples of ongoing conspiracy theories going are:

The Earth is flat.  Yes, believe it or not, this is believed by many.  Don't call them stupid.  The things they are able to accomplish often prove them to be very intelligent.  It is not about intelligence, no matter how unbelievable that may seem.  It is about belief, based on listening to the wrong information and not thinking clearly for themselves.

Don't even bother trying to prove to someone who believes a conspiracy theory that it is fiction.  They are usually so thoroughly indoctrinated by completely false, but apparently compelling information that they are beyond convincing.

If you provide them with the very best, empirically based, true science refuting what they believe, they will tell you that "they" or "the deep state" or some other sinister, secret cabal have control over every single bit of information on the planet and "they" have faked everything.  Just ask Q...

Man did not land on the moon.  This has been so thoroughly debunked it beggars belief that some people still believe it, but they do, and they are convinced that those of us who believe the evidence are fools.
moon landing conspiracy theories

Suffice to say, if this were true, at the very least, China and the Soviet Union would have blown the whistle immediately.  They really hated the fact that the US beat them to the moon.

But those who believe the conspiracy theory have a million reasons (okay, I am exaggerating slightly) why China and the Soviet Union were/are part of the global cabal or deep state.

9/11 was an inside job done by the CIA.  This also has been thoroughly debunked, but why let a few pesky facts get in the way?  Especially when people refuse to think for themselves and actually dig for verifiable, scientifically (reproducible) facts?  I have.  I had to go deep.  But again, I did, until I found the facts that could not be refuted.

Chemtrails.  I don't know how many times people have tried to convince me that the trails formed behind high altitude aircaft engines and wingtips are chemtrails.  No.  They are not.  They are contrails, made mainly of ice pellets formed at high altitudes by engine exhaust and sometime pressure changes at the wingtips.  It's just science.  
chemtrails conspiracy theories

"Q" or QAnon.  It is amazing who believes this one.  High level politicians in the United States government believe Q exists.  But the people behind Q are probably laughing hysterically.  Every bit of it is false, but many would fight you over that.

Never mind that none of the so-called information is true.  Like any big conspiracy theory, it is mixed with truth and makes educated predictions about what is coming, claiming an inside track.  These predictions often fail, but Q is a master of explaining how something happened to delay or alter the "plan," which changed things a bit.

There are two red flags those who think for themselves ought to consider:
1.  Q was a character on the Star Trek series who had godlike powers, able to manipulate reality.
2.  Q was a book published in 1999 by four Italian authors under the pen name of Luther Blissett.

QAnon is a very complex conspiracy theory that is very difficult to define or identify the source of.  Debunking or proving any of it is kind of like trying to nail jello to a tree.  For those willing to put in the time, I recommend starting with 4chan and 8chan.  Good luck!  If you find or know anything, your comments are very welcome.

The bottom line is, since QAnon cannot be proven to be anything but a conspiracy theory, it cannot be considered anything but a conspiracy theory. Furthermore, the biggest claims to date offer no proof, only promises that "soon" there will be mass arrests and incarcerations in Guantanamo Bay.  It has been coming "soon" since before Donald Trump became president...

5G.  Don't get me going.  Sigh.  This one is so simple to disprove, except no one will look at the evidence.  Suffice to say, 5G is WAY below the radioactive spectrum.  Radiation is simply electro-magnetic energy, like the waves picked up by your AM radio.  Radioactive and radiation are not the same thing.  Radioactive material gives off radiation, but far, far about the 5G spectrum.
5G conspiracy theories

Furthermore, amplitude is everything when it comes to the effects radiation of any kind can have on it's surrounding.  Picture trying to heat a house or cook a roast with a birthday candle.  Good luck.  But start a roaring fire in a furnace and you can heat a large house.

Where have you seen a 5G box anywhere in your neighborhood that is large enough to hold a power supply powerful enough to create damaging amplitude?  Remember, 5G waves are very short and can't travel very far.  That's why the little boxes are everywhere.

The Danger of Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories have some real potential danger to them, when people do not think for themselves.  We face some real dangers in our world.  Right now we are in the throes of a world wide pandemic.  We still don't know how bad it really is, nor how long it will last.

Certain things have been proven effective at slowing it down, and thus not overwhelming our medical facilities.  These include frequent hand-washing, maintaining a distance of about six feet or two meters between one another and wearing masks in areas where there are a lot of people around, especially when they are inside.  

Thailand and Taiwan have proven this pretty conclusively.  They have plenty of reason to be hot-spots, even worse than most other places in the world, yet they are not.  Why?  They believe the problem exists, and they act accordingly.  Their culture admittedly has helped a lot:  social distancing and mask-wearing are already normal in those countries.

But in the west, starting with the US, but spreading everywhere, is the idea that it's all a conspiracy by - guess who? - the "deep state" to take away freedom and bring down the US president.
fake epidemic conspiracy theories

What the result of this has been is a very rapid rise in the number of people infected.  So far, this has not overwhelmed the hospitals, but as fall comes when more and more people return to the indoors, especially as you go further north, it could become a deadly danger.  Time will tell.

But the reality is that the facts do not support the conspiracy theory.  The "facts" quoted by those who believe the conspiracy theory are not facts, at all, but opinions, albeit some from medical professionals. But the danger is that by believing them, rather than the accepted science, much worse could occur.

The actual facts are those based on data collected, which is still not complete.  It cannot be complete until the pandemic is over, meaning that people must think soberly for themselves before they believe conspiracy theories.  They must also think for themselves when weighing the advice being given by those in charge.  Is it likely to make the situation worse?  Is it possible it will make the situation better?  Is it really infringing on my rights or is it possible that it is helping to protect me?  Is it possible it is protecting others?  Is it being administered fairly and without discrimination?  (The government of California has already discovered they cannot go against their constitution and discriminate against certain groups during this pandemic.)

But to date, give or take a surprisingly small percentage, according to even the most conservative think tanks, the global death toll will soon reach one million worldwide, more than double the yearly average for the flu, and it's only August.  It might be a good idea to be more careful to watch the data until this thing is over.  Once it is, we can all safely discuss and develop opinions over what was done correctly and what was not - if we are alive to do that!


Conspiracy theories make great books and movies, but they can have a very negative affect in everyday life.  Some theories are like the theory that if you flap your arms hard enough, you can fly...  

The antidote to believing unproven conspiracy theories is to examine the evidence - if you can find it - and come to an informed conclusion.  If you can't find any verifiable evidence in support of the theory, it is a bad theory and should be dropped.

Healthy skepticism is a good thing and should never be feared.  Truth cannot be changed or torn down if it is truth, so examining an idea, even if you're sure it's true, should never be feared.  Dig down until you come to the truth!  In the end, it is the truth that makes us free.

Monday, August 10, 2020

When Condescension and Lies Backfire Badly

When Condescension and Lies Backfire Badly

When condescension and lies by leaders backfire badly, it's time to ask why.  Why are our leaders lying to us?  Why are they treating us like children?

2020 is a year that won't soon be forgotten.  It's the year the world came to a stop, the year that we lived through a global pandemic.  It is the year when peaceful protests turned into riots, the year that people protested over totalitarian governments, systemic racism and the wearing of masks.

2020 is also the year I started hearing something that has concerned me for decades of watching US politics - rumors of a coming civil war.

2020, a year like no other

Let's back up to January, 2020.

In January, 2020, a Facebook friend was in Hong Kong, recording the protests and police brutality going on there.  Young people had started protesting (or restarted protesting) for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong back in March, 2019.
Hong Kong

The protests were against a government trying to enact a law that would have seen people arrested in freedom-loving Hong Kong sent to mainland China to face trial.  That has not ended well (it hasn't really ended, in fact), but that is for another post.

Then in late December/early January, reports began to reach me of a strange new pneumonia in mainland China.  Wuhan seemed to be the epicenter.  Sars was mentioned.  Alarm bells began to ring.  My friend in Hong Kong certainly noticed it and began to strongly suggest that people buy masks, specifically N95 masks, and to stock up on food and other basic necessities.  I did the same.  Some listened.  Some said we were crazy.

The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) said the virus came from a bat purchased in a "wet market." They assured the world that there was no human to human transmission.  The WHO told us there was nothing to worry about.

Then it began to spread.  More and more people started falling ill.  Clandestine cellphone video of people dropping in the streets and overwhelmed hospitals in Wuhan began to emerge.

North American Response

Governments here in Canada and the United States took notice, but told us that it was isolated in Wuhan and there was nothing to worry about.  It was Chinese New Year and no one wanted to disrupt the lucrative tourist cash flow that brings, especially to airline companies, so some five million people reportedly flew all over the world from Wuhan and other centers in mainland China.

In the mean time, panic was hitting in Wuhan, according to amateur video leaking out of the country.  There were reports of police chaining and welding shut the doors of apartment building to keep people inside.  In CCP China, "lock-down" means you don't even set a foot outside the door.

Then it came to North America, to Canada and the United States.  Governments here slowly began to take action.  In the US, air traffic from China was halted.  In Canada, we were told that people were being screened in airports.  We found out that usually meant there was a sign placed for people coming off the plane to read, asking them if they had any symptoms of COVID-19 and advising them to self-isolate if they did.

The lying begins to escalate

We were told that masks don't help slow the spread.  They told us the masks and other PPE (personal protective equipment) were in short supply and needed to be left for frontline workers. A handful of us continued to tell our friends and relatives that they needed to get masks.  But most listened to the government.  A few finally tried to buy masks and hand sanitizer, only to discover there were no supplies of either.  The CCP had bought them from all over the world by the pallet load.  

Masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer and, of all things, toilet paper were suddenly in short supply.  Panic buying ensued wherever such things appeared on shelves.  Prices shot up.  Masks that used to sell at the hardware store for a few dollars per pack of ten suddenly became $10 for one mask.

But the government kept telling everyone that masks don't help.  Canada's chief medical officer said that masks don't help.  The US Surgeon General said that masks don't help.

Death and more death

The virus began to spread.  More and more people were reported sick.  Some began to die.  They continued to tell us that masks don't help.  Instead, they used lock-downs, heavily restricting travel and banning public assembly of any kind, except for very small groups, which they strongly suggested shouldn't meet, anyway. 

Then a black man was brutally killed by a police officer who should have been fired years ago.  Peaceful protests against perceived police violence and systemic racism began.  People gathered together in very large groups to protest.  The same people who had told us not to gather together for any reason said nothing or encouraged the protests.

The message the government who had told us to isolate was sending was that it was safe to gather together to protest, but not safe to go to a bar, theater or church.  Conspiracy theories began to gather some real support.  People began to suspect they were being lied to, for some reason.

Then the protests began to be infiltrated by those who would commit violence and in some cities, riots broke out and some continue to this day.  But they are not being called riots by the leaders of those cities.  They are being called "certain elements."  Again, they are lying to us, further fueling the flames of dissent by a large and growing group of generally honest, hardworking and peaceful citizens.

Citizens awake, ask questions

People wanted to know why it was fine to participate in large protests or even to riot, but they couldn't meet together in restaurants, theaters or churches.  

Then the government told us we should all wear masks.  They told us if everyone wore masks everywhere they went in public, we could slow down the spread.  We were told "Masks save lives."

Thinking people began to question why the government told us early that masks don't help, but now were telling us masks save lives.  They obfuscated, lied some more, then finally admitted that they lied because there was a shortage of PPE, including masks, because they weren't prepared for a pandemic, even though they had been warned that we were overdue for one, for years.

In other words, rather than tell us the truth from the start, they treated us like children with no ability to reason for ourselves, and lied to us.

Bad policy finally backfires

Their condescension and lies have backfired badly.  Many are refusing to believe them, any more.  There are protests now against wearing masks at all.  People think it's a government ruse to take their freedom away and make them compliant sheep for some mysterious global cabal.

Unfortunately, it is a fact, as my friend and I repeatedly told everyone from the beginning, that masks DO work; they do save lives.  If everyone simply wore a mask, very few people would get sick, if any. 

This has been proven in certain very heavily populated countries in Asia that have nowhere near the spread that we see in North America.  In those countries, like Japan and Taiwan, very few people have contracted the virus.  That's because they practice social distancing and they wear masks.

wear a mask
Simply put, if you wear a mask, you can't cough on me.  If I wear a mask, I can't cough on you.  That should be self-evident.

But when our leaders condescendingly lied to us to cover up the fact they weren't prepared, they opened Pandora's Box.  Now they can't correct their sins.  They are no longer trusted by a large and growing number of people.  They refuse to wear masks or social distance and will even march in protest for the right to do as they want.  

When condescension and lies from our leaders backfire badly, bad things happen.  The virus, which doesn't care about politics, truth or anything else, continues to spread in 2020, and it's spreading faster than ever.

Rioting continues as governments do nothing.  People keep getting sick.  And now, the drums of war are being heard, something that was unthinkable in 2019.  The swamp has NOT been drained, and the alligators are hungry...

Don't mind them.  Just wear a mask.

Sunday, August 09, 2020

Pandemic or Plandemic? What is going on in 2020?


Pandemic or Plandemic?  What is going on in 2020?

(Originally published on, an advocacy site by an active Lyme warrior)

Pandemic or plandemic:  in 2020 we are facing the health crisis of our lifetime.  Or are we?

If you go on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube in 2020, the chances are very good you're going to come across lots of conflicting information.  Is it a pandemic or a "plandemic?"  Opinions abound!

pandemic plandemicFirst of all, what is a pandemic?  Why isn't it just called an epidemic?Let's look at definitions.  Wikipedia defines an epidemic as "the rapid spread of disease to a large number of people in a given population within a short period of time. For example, in meningococcal infections, an attack rate in excess of 15 cases per 100,000 people for two consecutive weeks is considered an epidemic."

On July 17th, 2020, the number of SARS CoV2 (COVID-19) infections per 100,000 in the United States was almost 1200.  That's according to Worldometer on that day.  So that definitely qualifies as an epidemic in the United States!

Canada had 290.5 infections per 100,000.  While lower, that also qualifies as an epidemic.

So Canada and the United States, according to the given definition, are both experiencing an epidemic in 2020.  But what then is a pandemic?

To be consistent, let's again go to Wikipedia.  Their definition is in agreement with the dictionary.  "A pandemic is an epidemic occurring on a scale that crosses international boundaries, usually affecting people on a worldwide scale. A disease or condition is not a pandemic merely because it is widespread or kills many people; it must also be infectious."

Merriam Webster's description is very helpful:  "An epidemic is defined as “an outbreak of disease that spreads quickly and affects many individuals at the same time.” A pandemic is a type of epidemic (one with greater range and coverage), an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population. While a pandemic may be characterized as a type of epidemic, you would not say that an epidemic is a type of pandemic."

So by definition, if the data we have been provided by various organizations is correct, SARS CoV2 is a pandemic.  It has reached every continent except Antarctica.  It has infected virtually every country in the world, and almost all of them have in excess of 15 cases per 100,000.

What is going on in the USA??

A really strange thing has happened in 2020, something that will likely have anthropologists scratching their heads in the future, if we make it that far on this planet.  An alarming number of Americans are denying that there is a pandemic, instead labeling it a "plandemic."

What does this recently coined word mean?

Once again, we go to Wikipedia for their definition:  "Plandemic (Portmanteau of "plan" + "pandemic") is a 26-minute conspiracy theory video, first posted to social media on May 4, 2020, promoting falsehoods and misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic. The film was produced by Mikki Willis's California-based production company Elevate. Willis has produced other conspiracist videos in the past."

The idea, of course, is that there is a secret cabal of left-wing politicians, incredibly wealthy New World Order types and just plain nasty people who have created the entire ghastly business so they can control you.  What is terribly unfortunate about all this is that there IS a conspiracy, but it's not the one they are claiming.  The real conspiracy is about getting you to believe the lies spread by this work of fiction without doing even the most basic of research.

Reality Check

It's time for a reality check.  I just received word, yesterday, that someone in the church our family attends in southern Idaho just tested positive.  A friend of my mother just lost her brother after a horrible battle with the disease in a Victoria, BC hospital.  A friend in Arizona just lost a grandmother to the disease.  It was brought home before anyone had symptoms by a frontline healthcare worker who was exposed in a hospital.  I could go on.  I know many people who are battling it, and knew some who didn't win.

SARS CoV2 is a pandemic.  It is worldwide, and it is making some people very sick.  Some aren't making it.  No one knows how it will affect them if they get it.  Some who got caught up in the wild conspiracy theories and refused to take a few simple precautions are now dead.  That's the reality of it.  It's not a joke, not a hoax.

Worse, it hits people harder who have compromised immune systems.  Those of us with chronic Lyme Disease or some other chronic ailment are at real risk.  People over 65 are in a much higher risk category. People who refuse to follow protocols like social distancing and wearing masks when among other people are putting others at risk.  What has happened to "Love thy neighbour as thyself?"

It's a pandemic

Yes, it's a pandemic, not plandemic.  It's not some crazy conspiracy to bring down a US president.  It is a worldwide health problem that is very contagious.  Most who get it survive, but many do not.

But we can all do our part to help.  We can wear masks in public.  We can wash our hands.  We can stay home when we're sick.

Those of us who have chronic illnesses need to be careful.  But we can help our bodies prepare for the possibility of being exposed by eating well and supplementing with anti-inflammatory compounds such as curcumin, bromelain and others.  Please do your research and be as safe as you can!

More information on Lyme and related diseases can be found on and The Lyme Files.

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